Early last year I went on a couple of casual dates with a guy who was socially ignorant enough to think that I’d be interested in hearing about all his ex girlfriends. Surely most of us know that wheeling in the conversation of the ex two dates in, is about as appealing as eating with your mouth open and then wiping it on your sleeve?
No, not this guy. In a ploy that I figured must be about convincing me that I wasn’t the only one stupid enough to say yes to one of his invitations, he went on and on about how they all turned into ‘psycho’s’.
Yes, apparently this ‘psycho’ collector just couldn’t catch a break when it came to dating women. Perhaps I’m now supposed to think that he’s so irresistible that they all went raving mad?
I am ever so thankful that I am not one of the many women that take this story at face value, because if I was, then nearly every woman I know, would according to some bloke out there, fall into the tick box of ‘nutcase’ at some point in time.
Just last night, another one of my clinically sane friends, found out that she’d been lobbed the title of pcho, when she uncovered the guy she’d recently split with, had been seeing another girl at the same time.
According to the other girl, he had told her that rather than the professions of love he’d been drowning my friend in, he’d been making out to the other that she was a… psycho.
What men underestimate is that most women talk. Yes, shock horror, we women, talk. Alot.
In fact, yes we talk so much that eventually the six degrees of separation theory whittles down to one degree.
And when it gets to one, these lotharios usually get done.
The reason why so many women take the bait from these guys writing off their exes as Ivan Milat’s, is it makes them feel sexy because they have the guy the others couldn’t keep. Oh what a turn on!
It pumps up the self esteem of these girls because as the new ‘potential’ lady on the block, the guy gives them this false sense of ‘thank god you’re here a                                                                            nd perfect’, and ‘please protect me from the bunny boile                                                                  rs I happen to attract’.
Once upon a time I had to defend myself against the ‘psycho’ tag. A guy I had been seeing on and off for some time, was rumoured to be seeing a much younger girl who had been popping up on facebook and labelling me ‘crazy’.
What she didn’t realise was that the man she thought was the new love of her naive life, was tragically, and rather annoyingly for me, doing the old “I love you, take me back routine.”
So when he turned up on my doorstop again singing the same off key tune, I waited till Romeo made a quick trip to the bathroom to freshen up for the performance of his ongoing lifetime, I grabbed his phone, clicked on her number, and simply pressed ‘call’.
As he saunters back in, with the usually wet look on his face, rattling on with the same crap, how she means nothing, and she’s just a psycho herself, his whole repertoire gets recorded to her message bank.
Yes, you can call that what you like from my end, but she eventually tracked me down and thanked me for exposing the truth. She finally learnt the ‘psycho’ lesson much younger than most.
I’m pretty sure now, not only do we share an ex boyfriend, we also share the knowledge that when someone claims their ex was a ‘psycho’ – correct translation of that is, “my ex is a nice girl but she seems to get angry when I have sex with other girls.”
The way I see it, if there were as many psycho women out there as these blokes claim, half the population would be in garbage bags filling up our dumpsters.



  1. You must be going on the wrong dates,lol.Well all i can say is that it take a long time to get over a long relationship.Fact they say it takes 3 month for every year of a relationship to get over.(eg..10 yrs marriage is 30 months 2&1/2 yrs)Most of us men don’t talk about our ex or women on date and try to move on in life..but don’t forget the other partner is slightly curious of ones ex or ex’s..it goes to women/men too..i went on my first date after 2 years of separation hoping to move on and meet new people and i had this women still talk about her x husband and how he is a psycho and doesn’t pay maintenance for the kids after 4 years of divorce..I really didn’t want to play psychologist but i just had to listen to her and suck it in..People who label other ex’s as psycho are psycho’s them selves.

  2. The answer to your question Amber is that men don’t often have the guts to end a relationship face to face, and often use physiological tactics to make there partner leave them, therefore making life (as far as the male is concerned) easier all round. The problem is that the ex-partner is then left with unanswered questions regarding the relationship and therefore is compelled to delve into things a little further. For example a woman may try to ascertain if the real reason is because another woman is on the scene. They may ‘stalk’ or keep ringing their ex-partner endeavoring to ascertain if this is in fact the issue (usually is) and is therefore classed as a ‘Psycho’. Other than that a lot of women will get a Private Investigator to find the truth out for them.

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