Something scary seems to have happened to our society just when I was naively thinking that we women were enjoying the fact that more and more of us are becoming millionaires, and relying on a man for money is such a cop out!  Everywhere I look there’s some new statistic about the growing number of women that are openly admitting that they’re gold diggers, without a hint of shame.

Are we going through another ‘Bird Flu’ outbreak that we need to address?  And if so, should we be looking towards the likes of Heather Mills and making sure she gets put into quarantine because there seems to be something hideously contagious that she’s carrying, and I’m not talking about Sir Paul’s wallet.  Ok albeit past tense thank god for Paul.

Everywhere I look there’s articles, websites, books, you name it on ‘how to nab yourself a rich hubbie!’ It started back in January when I read that in a survey of 2000 women, what topped most of their lists of New Year’s Resolutions was ‘finding a rich man’!  Not losing weight, giving up the ciggies, or falling in love – finding a rich guy, in any old shape or form was where they were at for 2008!

Websites like Sugar Daddie, Seeking A Millionaire, and a Sydney based site known as “The Sydney Girl’s Guide to Nabbing A Rich Husband!” are getting major traffic as girls queue up to find out how to hit the jackpot!

Did someone forget to tell these women that if you marry for money that you will earn every cent of it?  Do they think it’s as simple as renting a copy of “How To Marry A Millionaire’s starring Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe, and you’ll suddenly be sipping cocktails in the Caribbean?

I was recently told a story about one such gold digger that will remain nameless, who has until recently been dating an extremely wealthy Australian music promoter.  An out of work actress at the time she met her billionaire beau, she set her sights on this man who was known to be looking for a partner, and in no time had moved into his luxury abode, and settled into living the life she had always dreamed of.

Spectacular at throwing parties, and spending his money, she was mortified when late last year, her man pulled the diamond encrusted pin on their relationship!  Showing that dignity was not a pre-requisite of joining the gold digging club, she refused point black to move out of his apartment as she claimed she had nothing left to go back to.  Did she actually have anything when she came into the relationship?  It would appear not, but she dug her stiletto’s and effectively became a high class squatter.

Not knowing how to remove the woman from his life, the frustrated billionaire had to employ a security guard to move into the apartment, while he checked himself into a hotel.  As he continued to pay her a wage for another 5 months until he finally had her legally removed, she had become the laughing stock of not only his friends, but also hers.

Here’s a tip that doesn’t get too much of a mention in the articles or the websites.  Rich men, unless they’ve inherited the money and none of the business acumen, are generally quite intelligent beings.  That’s kind of how they’ve acquired the money in the first place.  Part of being a successful business man is that you can ‘read’ people.  That’s right, and that means you too!

If you gold digger gal’s still get past the security and you’re starting to count your Faberge eggs before they’ve hatched, be aware, these men want value for money, and they don’t enjoy their purchases depreciating in value.  They may hang onto to their money hungry wives slightly longer than their cars, but you can never be sure you won’t end up in a used car yard, with nothing to show but your St Tropez holiday snaps and you’re range of Louis Vuitton.

So girls, while you’re propped up getting your roots done salivating over the latest copy of BRW’s Rich List, why don’t you read just past his net worth if you can,  work out how he made his money, and get out there and make it yourself!


by amber petty


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