“So what’s your favourite colour?”  It’s funny isn’t it, that such a question can bring back memories of childhood?  For me anyway, it seemed to be the first question I’d ask when meeting a new little friend.  And maybe there was a reason for that?

My answer was “pink” up until the age of about 11.  After that I had to politely ask my family and friends, to cease and desist from buying me any more pink items, as it was getting well out of control.  Looking down and realising I had pink shoes, pink skirt, pink belt, pink shirt and a pink bow in my hair seemed to me, even at that young age, that it was bordering on very bad taste.

And really ever since then, my favourite colour has waivered between blue and green.  Emerald green I think being the top of the list.

So why is it that we attracted to certain colours?  Is it just that ‘we like them’, or is there a reason why they make us ‘feel’ a certain way?

I recently had Colour Therapy at a new shop on Unley Road, Adelaide –  called Indigo (follow your bliss).  I’d actually never heard of Colour Therapy or at least never been anywhere that had offered it so I was rather intrigued.

The therapy was simple.  Lie down in a white room on a comfy massage table, and close your eyes.  Attached high up on the wall where my feet lay was a light box with all the colours of the rainbow in bulb form, which when it was turned on, rotated around, and bouncing off the white walls and changing the room’s whole colour.

With headphones on, listening to my meditation music, each vibrant colour washed over my eyes and seemingly right through my body.  It was just divine!

I noticed as soon as I lay down that day on the bed, my breathing was a little stiff and short.  After a busy weekend I was carrying a little anxiety which I hadn’t noticed so much until I slowed down.

Very soon after I got into the swing of the colour therapy, I noticed my breathing had relaxed considerably and my mind stopped thinking about the stresses of what was happening in my life,  and instead focused on each colour as it came.

So how is it that colour therapy works?

Well it’s actually been used for thousands of years.  It dates back to ancient India, China and Egypt, where many other amazing healing techniques began and are still practised today.

It’s believed that colour can have a profound healing affect due to the different vibrations/frequencies each colour creates.  As with every living and non living thing in the world, it all contains energy and vibration.  So too do colours, as they are just light, and light is energy, and combined with your natural energy and vibration, can help to balance you out.  This then helps assist your bodie’s natural ability to heal itself.

So if you’re stressed, have anxiety, or simply need balancing out so your body vibrates and functions at it’s best, colour therapy can assist you.

I’d recommend trying this, even it it’s just once!



  1. my favorite colour is pastel green it makes me feel love and clam and reconnected with my spiritual self and also i have chosen colour therapy and yes i believe it does help you resonate at a higher conscience. try wearing red it adds confidence and sexual energy!! or white for freshness and clean……;)

  2. Emerald green is my colour Zoe – always has been and I only realised in the last few years that it’s actually the colour of the heart and love….and that’s certainly something that I need in my life. By the way Zoe, can you explain what clairsentience is? I think that’s my thing but I want to understand it more.x

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