Flicking through New Idea last week I felt a flush of embarrassment as I copped an eyeful of Tania Zaetta sans threads.  Hurriedly I flipped back to the cover to see if I hadn’t accidently picked up a copy of Ralph or Trucker’s Weekly.

My question wasn’t ‘what the heck are you doing, New Idea?’, it was ‘what the heck are you showing Ms Zaetta, and why exactly are you showing it?’.

The Advertiser website has also asked why Tania would be flashing her bits in a woman’s magazine, and why the magazine Editor would not bother to promote such a, for want of a better word, spread?

The latter is a no brainer for me having worked for New Idea and knowing it’s Editor Kim Wilson reasonably well.  It would not have been promoted because it would not be seen as a feature that they would necessarily want to ‘show off’ about.

This is a magazine that would have promoted it, if the shoot and subject matter were meant to endear itself to women, or provide them with something for themselves.  This shoot wasn’t for anyone but Tania.

The magazine included it because it fell under the banner of celebrity and controversial.

What a shame that Tania’s objective, and what she appears to be in denial about is  that she so desperately desires to prove to the world, that her bottom still sits where it used to, and vice versa for the rest of her on display.

I wish Tania could be using her latest fame boost to educate our society about all that’s wrong with much of the thinking in our culture when it comes to women and the roles that they play during their ages.

I’ve recently discovered an inspirational woman whose audio CD I’ve been listening to in my car.  Her name is Marianne Williamson, and her whole mantra as she shares fully clothed, is that we are missing the point about the evolution of women.

What we seem to be focused unnaturally on in is that once women have had their children, and the hands of time settle in, that they are now sidelined to the bench to make way for the younger female players.

This is why it’s disappointing that we women ourselves, or the Tania’s of the world, stay fixed on trying to prove, or wishing we could go backwards in time.

Not only must she be torturing herself trying to compete with the feminine attributes that may have helped boost her first half of life, but she’s completely missing the ones that she has gained over time, and the ones that society forgets middle aged women acquire.

Like wisdom. A word that seems to be shunned in our Western culture.

And when I use the word wisdom I wonder how many people write that concept off as a poor second to still having a youthful physique?

I for one would never, ever want to go back to being in my twenties.  I may have thought I was all that, but inside I didn’t at all.

What’s the point in driving around in a Porsche if you don’t know where the heck you’re heading to, and whom you want in the passenger seat?

It’s not like when you’re young you sit around thinking ‘wow look how hot I am now!’ unless you’re a drip, we were busy worrying how to start a career, find a good relationship, and embracing recent adulthood.

As we get older, accepting that the youthful exterior is not our weapon of choice shouldn’t be met with a feeling that we’ve lost the first prize.  What would you have given to know what you know now back then?

And I’m not talking about avoiding shoulder pads or teasing our fringe.

Marianne Williamson said to me in my car yesterday, ‘the world cannot evolve if girls refuse to become women. ‘

I couldn’t agree more, and these days I’m enjoying being able to flash my other bits.

– quotes by Marianne Williamson

“What happened to my generation is that we never grew up. The problem isn’t that we’re lost or apathetic, narcissistic or materialistic. The problem is we’re terrified.”

“When a woman conceives her true self, a miracle occurs and life around her begins again.”

“When a woman rises up in glory, her energy is magnetic and her sense of possibility contagious.”

“We can always choose to perceive things differently.

We can focus on what’s wrong in our life, or we can focus on what’s right.”


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