Is there a significance or reason why one or more children in the same family would be born on the same day?

With regards to two or more in the same family coming into this lifetime on the same day and month, means that they have most definitely been together before in other lifetimes and have decided before coming back to have a human experience and this would be the group karmic day lessons that they would want to work on. Often we find that souls come back in Karmic families, or Groups. Their main Life Path would differ though as the year of birth would change that, and also the time of birth would create a change in their personalities etc.  However, the day is of great significance, as they know this number very well and are here to work on and perfect (whether that be in a positive or negative sense).  Ie 16/5, equals 7 as the day no., plus 5 which is 12 or 3, and all coming in as Taureans or earth signs.

In brief all of these souls would come in as quite determined, self driven, kindhearted, humanitarian individuals.  Major issues though would be around Trust and openness.  Working with both positive and negative there could be areas of mistrust in others where, not so much in the younger individuals, but older have had major let downs in the past and therefore needs to breakdown the barrier of not trusting enough.  The lessons here are not to dwell on the past too much, but to start by trusting themselves enough to know that they can overcome any obstacles.  Being Taurean would in some way allow them to do that as they are fairly practical in their approach to life.

How does the time of their births affect their relationships with each other?

We need to consider that that they would all have a different time and year of birth and this would in turn give them totally independent personalities, however, the relationships with each other is not only dependent on the child’s personality, but also the parenting or conditioning of the child.  Then looking at the number 3, would tell me that Communication is of the utmost importance, as 3 is about expression and sensitivity.  They need to have their voice heard, and sometimes on the negative,  can go inward and their voice is then surpressed.   Their time of birth would bring in their Ascending sign or where the moon was when they were born, that in turn can have a greater effect on their personality as they could take on more of the rising sign traits.

The three women in my family, ie, my grandmother, my mother and my auntie all had girls on the 12 August.  One baby girl died before the other two were born,  is there a numerological reason for this?

This is indeed an interesting scenario, and shows a very strong soul family. But again.  as before,  the year and time of birth would change their individual personalities.

Expression, Communication and Sensitivity, would be the Karmic lessons that needs to be worked on and coming in as Leos, they would prove to be  Leaders of the Pack and fire signs.   Teachers, counsellors, psychologists, or anything to do with expressing points of view, through communication comes under this vibration.

The child soul who departed early, did so as that was her choice for her experience in this lifetime.    Also, the year number would always be the same, so it would interesting to observe whether there would be similarities in experiences in each year.   Adding the 12 to 8 equals 2 which is all about Balance and Cooperation.  This number is focused on relationships of all kinds, be it mother, father, colleque. Best friend, partner, bank manager.  There is a need to know that their relationships are going well,  otherwise it would bother them  and possibly send them out of balance.  Mediators and Diplomats come under this number as they are always trying to fix damaged relations.  Scatteredness is one of the negatives which would again make them feel out of balance.  Meditatiion, Yoga or just plain quiet time is required.

With so many women scheduling caesarians, does this confuse the spirit world, when perhaps naturally they would have been a Leo, but then arrived on another day?

The day a soul decides to come into the world, is a day and time that the soul has chosen for their lessons in this lifetime.  It could be three weeks early or two weeks late, caesarean birth or induced labour, it is the individual soul’s choice to be born at that particular time or day.  As explained previously the actual day is karmic or very much related to previous lifetimes, and it is with the vibration of that number that the soul has chosen to work with.  It is also important to note that children choose their parents, for both their lessons as well as the parents’ lessons.

Again, always remember that we as Souls have chosen these particular days and times to have our Human Experience.


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