Brad and Ange are fighting again this week……apparently over Ange mouthing off in interviews about Shiloh’s request to be taken seriously as ‘John’.

It’s pretty clear that the genetically blessed little cutie, a lot more at more home dressing like a mini Brad than a giant Barbie, or Princess Ariel…. as most girls her age seem to do.

I remember earlier in the year I clashed with a couple of collegues in regards to the dressing of kids, and the role of their parents. Especially when it comes to changing their name to…. ‘John’. Which for the record, I think is hilarious – at her age I wanted to be called Frieda (abba)……clearly, and thank goodness…. I got over that.

Basically I felt that if a child that young, wants to play with dolls as a boy, or play with trucks as a girl, then bloody well let them.

Is it really going to damage anyone? And who the hell are we to say that a certain sex must do and feel exactly the same as the general masses? Isn’t there a german story about that?

My co hosts felt that is was wrong to let Shiloh go out dressed as a boy, or worse, if they had a son and he wanted to head out the door in a tutu then it was up to us as parents to show them right from wrong. Supposedly that’s your job as a parent, to tell them what everyone else thinks you should do.

What I really don’t get, is why the hell would you want to alarm a child that there behaviour is ‘strange’ or ‘wrong’, if it’s as simple as wearing a certain colour, or certain item of clothing? And how do you explain that issue? “Just don’t cause you shouldn’t.”

It doesn’t take only a parent to guess that the kid is probably going to say “But why?” Isn’t that what’s kids say to everything because everything’s new?

So what happens then, you say “Cause mummy and daddy are concerned this may make you look like you’re going to grow up gay?”

Or am I forgetting a logical, fair explanation that could be offered to the child that won’t be laced with a ‘not so unconditional love’ admission?

Whose issue is it that at age 4 you’re already panicking that your child might be gay? Is a child at 4 really thinking about sex when it chooses what bloody toy he or she wants to play with? Is knowing how to do the back of a Barbie frock up on your doll, really going to mean the kid’s destined to be Liberace? Before or after he went to jail?

Yes I agree that many gay people will admit the first ‘signs’ they were gay may date back to a child, having a love of dolls when other boys were pretending to shoot each others brains out. The latter being ‘normal’ apparently.

I just personally can’t fathom any parent looking at a child and wanting to ever make that child feel that what they’re doing was ‘odd’. If their heads are spinning around, and they’re stabbing themselves with a cross, then I agree, there may be an issue.

But planting a seed that mummy and daddy won’t approve of me unless I pretend I’m something I’m not, is completely not cool.

So if Angelina does publicly support little Shiloh’s love of plastic swords, and Kevin Rudd hair then good on her.

Yes, she should keep a lid on it as the poor kid deserves privacy, but if the Brad’s of this world are purely concerned that we might remember her idiosyncrasies and query whether she’s going to be gay down the track, then it sort of implies that he might not be comfortable with that as an outcome.

Haven’t we all learnt from Sonny and Cher that what that child wants to be, is what that child will be. And hey, it could be worse – instead of choosing John, she may choose Chaz.


  1. My little boy walks better in heels than his big sister, loves to wear make up, headbands and necklaces.
    So what!!!!! he will either grow out of it or not!
    He is healthy, funny and adorable.
    We put our own expectations (and limitations) on kids and it’s not fair. I hope I always let them try if they think they can and support them no matter what.
    Better to try and fail than to be too scared in the first place.
    Good on Brad and Ang for letting their little girl find her own path!

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