Kat John, Kade Greenland and I discuss what is ‘INTUITION’ and what is a ‘GUT FEELING’? How you can apply this to personal & business decisions

Kat John is a beautiful woman, and an incredibly wise Intuitive Healer based in Melbourne.  You can check her out more via her website at http://www.katjohn.com.au   Here is our interview with her on a day that my intuition tells me, might not have been a great hair day.  But that’s enough about me….  Please share if you enjoy x

Video filmed & edited by Kade Greenland at Band Of Creatures kade@bandofcreatures.com.au

My radio interview with Drew Heriot, the director of ‘The Secret’ and his new movie, ‘The Power of The Heart’


THE POWER OF THE HEARTIt was a pretty good week for me getting to interview Drew Heriot, the director of The Secret and The Power Of The Heart which is just such a wonderful movie.  I have been banging on about it on here, and to my close friends.  Here’s our chat which really enjoyed and even more so getting to meet this very nice guy face to face.   Have you seen The Power of The Heart?  NO? Well for heavens sakes (literally), download it or buy the DVD soon.  You won’t regret it!

My radio interview with Glenn Ridge, and author Susan Pearse (radio interview)

My interview on Glenn Ridge’s MyMp radio with author Susan Pearse, on her book ONE MOMENT PLEASE ‘It’s Time To Pay Attention’…what I really love about the content of this book is that it reminds us of all the things we distract ourselves with, all the things our children are spending their time on rather than just being present in what IS.  And what IS, is all that is around us, like nature, the people we love that we don’t get enough time with as it is.  What IS are thoughts that are forming in our heads about life, our emotional state and appreciating the world around us, without having something that someone else has created, get in the way of our own peace and our own development as a person. I believe we’re losing so much precious time by technology use,  that many of us are on a very unhealthy hamster wheel, and I have no doubt it is the very reason why there is a huge rise in people all over the world who are suffering regular bouts of anxiety. ONE MOMENT PLEASE, is a great book! Books are always better to me than anything I’ll see come up on any of my social media accounts. No offence to my friends, but learning about just one concept, versus 10 people’s complaints for the day, just feels a little more worthwhile to be filling my mind and my heart with.   I hope you enjoy x