My Big Fat Fashion post starring Jayson Brunsdon and the gorgeous girls from Off With Your Clothes blog #MSFW



I’ve known Jayson Brunsdon since 2004, which was the year he launched his hugely successful fashion label.  I came to know him as he heard around the traps that I might have needed to elegant myself up a notch, as I was off to a few European do’s, where guests were going to be in a league that I had bugger all hope of competing with.  With Jayson’s humble help, he sent me off to Europe, with a bunch of his wonderful frocks, that made me feel so much prettier and appropriately dressed, than I’d ever hoped to be.

He has since gone on to become one of Myer’s favourite Australian fashion labels, he’s dressed some of the world’s most famous women, and he’s appeared as a judge on Project Runway. He’s also just become the proud father of the ridiculous gorgeous Roman…who I am proud to say I am the SATURDAY GODMOTHER to.

In this interview I talk to Jayson Brunsdon about his career highlights, his skirt incident with Linda Evangelista, and why he will not be wearing a skivvie in Europe this year.

MSFW this year is going to be a week full of incredible parades and events, including my friend Jayson Brunsdon… featuring the very best of Australian, and international brands. If you’re into fashion, head to the website below for all the details of what’s on, and who’s where:


My radio interview with Glenn Ridge, and author Susan Pearse (radio interview)

My interview on Glenn Ridge’s MyMp radio with author Susan Pearse, on her book ONE MOMENT PLEASE ‘It’s Time To Pay Attention’…what I really love about the content of this book is that it reminds us of all the things we distract ourselves with, all the things our children are spending their time on rather than just being present in what IS.  And what IS, is all that is around us, like nature, the people we love that we don’t get enough time with as it is.  What IS are thoughts that are forming in our heads about life, our emotional state and appreciating the world around us, without having something that someone else has created, get in the way of our own peace and our own development as a person. I believe we’re losing so much precious time by technology use,  that many of us are on a very unhealthy hamster wheel, and I have no doubt it is the very reason why there is a huge rise in people all over the world who are suffering regular bouts of anxiety. ONE MOMENT PLEASE, is a great book! Books are always better to me than anything I’ll see come up on any of my social media accounts. No offence to my friends, but learning about just one concept, versus 10 people’s complaints for the day, just feels a little more worthwhile to be filling my mind and my heart with.   I hope you enjoy x

The reason why the fashion front rowers are now staring at their crotches instead of the clothes…


I don’t pretend to not be a fairly avid user of social media.  I am, and I do get amongst it. I’ve been friends with Face Book for many years now and although I am still very fond of it, it probably needs to know I’ve found another. 

Its name is Instagram and just like I did with Face Book years ago, I turned my nose up at it every time I heard someone mention it.  In fact, I’m sure I’ve actually got frown lines purely from my pre-Face Book days, and more recently, pre-Instagram.

I fought the Instagram phenomenon for a long while, thinking it was going to be full of attractive twenty year olds, all uploading minute by minute selfies. The whole “hey look at me being invited to this event!”

Sure there was a time when I probably did some of that thing but not now.  It kind of makes me cringe.  So why do I need to be jumping on the Instagram wagon when I have enough RSI in my life?

I now know it’s because it’s mainly about creativity and a lot of the time about building a brand.  Especially if that brand is you!

So speaking of building the brand that is you, and anyone can do this by the way, you don’t need to have a newspaper column or have spent any time on radio or TV, you just simply need have love yourself to bits or pretend that you do.

Then package that little essence into as many social media comments, pictures and videos that is physically possible for you to do.  Just like Face Book, Instagram, Twitter are all major cultural phenomenons, so too is the cultural tsunami of completely normal people, who are consciously and ferociously turning themselves into the next big thing.  Albeit a lot of the time that may just apply to their friends, or even simply their direct siblings and their cat.  But there are tens of thousands, of girls and guys around the world that are very cleverly branding themselves Team Beckham style.

Thanks to all these different social media hubs, loads of people, who as I said, have possibly not kicked any major career goals but are gorgeous and have an eye for fashion and photography, are starting to gather a following and as such are gathering actual physical brands who want to throw them lots of free stuff, or will sponsor them financially in exchange for a plug.

I went to a fashion parade the other week which was literally bursting at the seams full of the sort of people who I just described.  They were young, seriously beautiful and decked out in all the latest cool gear.  As the parade kicked off, and I watched a few outfits coming out, I suddenly realised that most of the first row, was looking down at their crotches.  Model after model sashayed past and many of these hot front rowers did not look up once.

Was this because they’d suddenly got all coy and embarrassed about being up front?  Or were they putrid that they hadn’t been picked for the show?  What they were doing is feeling compelled to update their ‘social media fans’, about the fabulous moment they were at.

As the final line of models came down and the show was over, up came their cameras from their laps, as they were now videoing themselves with the models whisking past them.  Kind of like they were part of the show…

Whether you hate this Kim and Kanye generation or not, the selfie and the hashtags are not going away.  There is actual money to be made out of building a brand out of yourself and working your guts out to be the Pied Piper of social media.

It may seem all very shallow and vacuous I know, but these little buggers are potentially having the last laugh all the way to the bank. Which will be posted as a selfie very shortly no doubt.





Blog Post: on tackling the Twitter Trolls & the online stranger danger

A few years ago I was having a fabulous holiday in Vietnam with my brother when all of a sudden it was ruined. Not because I got my bag stolen including my passport and credit cards like another holiday. And not because I twisted my ankle two days before going on a skiing trip as happened on another. This holiday went temporarily pear shaped because I logged onto a computer.

A friend had mentioned a photo had appeared of me somewhere online, and for some reason I thought I’d take a look. Big mistake! It wasn’t like it was a nude photo Prince Harry style or anything, nor was it me dancing on a table dressed as a policewoman, my life’s not that interesting; it was just a standard snap.

Unfortunately at that point in time, when I googled myself, my eyes went to a nasty little link slagging me off, and although I thought I was reasonably peaceful, my anxiety when right through the roof. And it stayed solid for at least 3 days. Holiday destroyed.

I worked out the hard way, and this is not the only time I’ve had to do so, but you have to be very careful of how you use a computer if you’re in any way in the public eye. And if you aren’t rock solid in terms of putting stranger’s opinions firmly in their place, you’re in danger of serious mental carnage.

I now believe that rather than running around looking for someone to sue, I need to be savvier about how I engage online.

Although I’m now not a googler of myself, I still use Face Book and Twitter, however I’m very aware of the risks and I’m also aware of the positives. The key is not to get caught up in it, and the bigger key is to not get caught up in YOU.

Last week I was approached by someone claiming that for an amount of cash I could buy as many Twitter followers as I wanted. I was told that it was normal practice in America that many celebrities are buying thousands of followers to make themselves look good.

Of course it is impressive to many if they look you up and you have thousands of followers, but for me, I’d rather know that the ones I have want to be there and that they are not bunch of people I’ve bought to false advertise myself.

I’ve blocked a bunch of people in the past as I’ve seen they’re from a certain organization whose job it is to report gossip and crap that I don’t want to be part of, and most recently I blocked some nut that was tweeting aggressive sexual comments to me and thankfully that was that.

But I could have kept them on for numbers and I could have fought back with replies, in the vain hope that they might turn into fans, but what for?

Twitter to me initially seemed like another time wasting operation until I discovered I could follow all sorts of interesting and inspirational people from all over the world. When I log on, I only see the comments and news from those I have chosen to follow because they share things that nurture me. And in turn, I have been followed by similar minded people from all parts of the globe and that’s been just wonderful.

At times I’ve found myself checking my account too often and then I’ve checked myself and reminded myself that I need to be living my life. Not trawling through what others are up to because as dumb as it sounds to non-Twitter uses, it can become addictive.

The biggest issue facing us in this new world of social media is that we can get too caught up in looking for external validation of our worth by how many people are following us and what they’re saying. If we place that sort of power into the hands of strangers, we are also clearing a path for them to shoot poisonous darts into our heads.

As kids our parents used to warn us of the danger of talking to strangers, and just because we’re adults now doesn’t mean we should forget it.