This week Glenn I discuss The Real Housewives of everywhere and the Queen of vintage jewellery, Sarah Green joins us

Part one:  Bitchiness and bullshit, “Oh hello to the Real Housewives of everywhere...”




Part two: Welcome to Sarah Green, the owner of a place I consider ‘total heaven‘…full of sparkling pieces from the 40’s, 50’sd. 60’s and 70’s.  Sarah Vintage, 123 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park




Father Bob shares his joy about gloriously ordinary things, Hip Hop Jazz…and his new 3D figurine of himself #Officeworks

When I was approached to do an interview on Glenn Ridge’s show on 3MP, about OfficeWorks new 3D printing launch, called MiniMelbourne –, this sounds fun, after all, why should one have to wait to become Madonna before be able to get a figurine version of oneself?  I also thought out of all the celebrities who OfficeWorks have featured in their campaign, by making a 3D mini version of them to promote the service, the most deserving of all of these people was definitely the wonderful Father Bob Maguire ‘The Larrikin Priest’. I’d never met him before, but as so many other Australians have already done, especially those he has helped through his amazing career, and his beautiful foundation, I fell for his charm, but more importantly, his wisdom, straight away.



This week I spoke to Glenn Ridge about my slightly different take on the impending Bali execution – and then we chatted to Jayne Anderson about her book, Workin It Out


The Beginner’s Guide To Confronting Homelessness, my interview with Susie Cole and Glenn Ridge

Most of us are guilty of walking past a homeless person and choosing to look away rather than  take the time to ponder what might be the reality of that person’s life. We make judgements, we don’t want to be taken advantage of if they ask us for something, it seems too hard to know what to do, do I give them money, do I buy them something, so mostly we just walk on by.  The Rotary Club of Prahran hosted an insightful and thought provoking event this week, with a panel of people who work specifically with the thousands of homeless people around Victoria.  As Jo Swift from Kids Under Cover described, “we all know that one day in September, the AFL Grand Final…with a 105,000 people on average packed into the MCG, well imagine that this is the number of people who are homeless on an average night in Australia.”  A picture that’s hard to get out of your head isn’t it?  Homelessness is growing every day in this country, and I think we all need to confront our beliefs on this subject.  This is just a very small conversation I wanted to share that you might begin with, with yourself.  I will be doing something more in the near future to shed some more detailed light on this issue that we can’t keep walking past. I want to reveal what exactly the Sacred Heart Mission, The Salvation Army, Kids Under Cover and the Prahran Police are dealing with every day.  What they need us to know!  So for now, here is my interview with Rotary member Susie Cole, on my buddy Glenn Ridge’s Melbourne radio show…