I LOVE…the SAY NO TO HOMOPHOBIA new ad campaign…better late than never

I went to the launch of this campaign last night and it was fantastic, exciting and actually surprising to me that something like this hasn’t been done before. But better late then never I say. Time to educate those that need to gather a little empathy…….put yourself in their shoes….pass onto your friends. Thank you.xxx



BUSTEDI heard there was some sort of Australian Sex Party out there thanks to Adelaide agency Fnuky’s cheeky 2010 election campaign for them, aptly titled Jerk Choices.

Although I naively thought at the time that they might be a bunch of randy people whose mission it was to have us all propped up at strip shows or running around nude at the beach.   Why they’d want us nude at the beach, I don’t know!

So when I met a smart young man recently who insisted I must meet his friend Fiona Patten, a member of the Australian Sex Party, I was a little intrigued.  Intrigued to think he saw more sex in me than I have seen in myself, but as they say sex sells and I was on board for an introduction.

I walked into our meeting place; eyes darting around to see if I could guess who looked the most like a ‘sex party ‘candidate.

And far from being what my naïve self may have presumed seeing, woman in tasselled bikini top waving a copy of FHM at me, an elegantly dressed lady smiled across at me and I decided that if anyone was looking sex party, whatever that even means, it was probably more me.

Fiona is clever and committed and just happens to be passionate about a lot of things that relate to sex and the Adult Entertainment industry. Which I might add, is far broader than just vibrators and sex workers, people.

So many questions, so little time.

Understanding the word sex is guaranteed to get attention and hence having it in your party name is going to get you talked about, she knows that, however after learning more about their policies, I wondered whether it might also overshadow the seriousness of some of their major policies which I was genuinely very impressed with.

For instance, their stance on drugs and abolishing crime penalties for people found purchasing, carrying and consuming drugs for personal use – which as a headline might not sound like a great idea but dig a bit further and there is merit to its’ premise.

Using Portugal as an example, a country well known for its’ drug issues in the past, especially hard core drugs, who in 2001 became the first European country to officially abolish all criminal penalties for personal possession of drugs, like marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.

Under Portugal’s laws now people found guilty of possessing small amounts of drugs are sent to face a panel which comprises a psychologist, a social worker and a legal adviser who put them under what I see as a healthy interrogation to find out the depth of the drug use firstly, but with the aim getting to the real root of the problem, which isn’t always about the drugs.
Fiona herself visited Portugal and was privy to the process first hand.  She witnessed one particular young man who rather than actually having an issue with drugs as such, through the non-judgemental and thorough panel discussion, admitted that he only did the drugs after consuming alcohol.

Upon further investigation, with questions regarding to how often he was going out for a drink and all the steps that lead up, this was simply a man with a temporary drink problem that drank because he was lost.  He didn’t have enough of a sense of purpose by way of a job, so there became the starting point of fixing his drug issue, and all the dark dots in between.

Not rocket science but just the acknowledgement by a progressive government that ironically accept that working backwards often leads to the real issue.

The problem with most people that make laws and decisions about drugs is that they are made by people who have never done drugs.

They know a lot about what’s popular opinion but their mission should be about helping people in society that are beginning to get off course, not treating them like they are already at The End.