Well, I guess seeing I have this blog, it would probably be a little remiss if I didn’t talk about my recent little shindig, my 40th birthday bash.  For obvious reasons, everyone else in the media certainly has been.

Of course I realise the attention directed at my ‘whoop up’  – as one of the mags described it –  clearly wasn’t about of me.  I am well aware it is because one of my many beautiful guests is a woman so many of us adore. Yes, I’ll say it once, Princess Mary.

By the time Thursday of last week rolled around I was in a serious state of panic that my excitement and joy for the event was going to be overlooked and replaced by anxiety and distress, due to the intensity of the media scrutiny.

I had to reset my head every hour as I realised that I was being distracted by the constant media calls, which is a little like playing a game of tennis with someone that keeps hitting the ball over the fence.  Frustrating, and a little exhausting.  The problem is, and always is, they are all requesting the one thing I could not and cannot give them.  Details about a private friendship and a private party.

You see I don’t think I’m any different to any of you reading this, when it comes to respecting any of your friend’s privacy.  There are always certain things and times that we share with those that we love, that has an unwritten rule that says, “we don’t share”.  If there is no trust in a friendship then it no longer exists.

It’s hard sometimes as I realise people forget that if someone’s in the public eye, I guess it’s seen as ‘game on’.  But there is no price that can be placed on friendship.  It is, and always should be priceless.

And priceless my party indeed was.  You see, for me, this 40th, was my engagement party, my wedding, my Tupperware party, and my baby shower.  All those things I’ve never had, where all of those you love, come together celebrate you.  And celebrate, we did.

So much anticipation, and so many elements to fit in to one night.  One of the many highlights of the night was my ‘life maids’. The bridesmaids that never got signed up, because the bride never met the right groom.  Those women in my life who have supported me, reprimanded me, and taught me things that have made me the person I am today.  All six girls were forced to wear hot pink sashes with big bold letters saying AMBER’S LIFEMAID.  They did so humbly, and all gave touching, and of course, embarrassing speeches.

At one point as the suitably outrageous Matt Gilbertson, in his Hans garb began his performance by saying “Of course, we’ve got royalty here tonight!”, then turned to my father, (who has been in the carpet game all his life, and owned a store back in the 70’s called Carpet Kingdom), “Yes, we’ve got the Carpet King here tonight.”  Priceless.

I’ve always suspected that in a past life I may have been a drag queen, due to my love of sequins, miming, and Dolly Parton’s ‘Working Nine To Five’.  So the lovely Fifi and Rochelle burst through the doors around midnight and headed straight to the stage,  belting out a bit of Dolly.  Of course I get up there with them and start taking over the show…….   I remembered about 80% of the words however which I guess isn’t too bad considering how much champagne was involved.

Another little surprise of the night was my samba routine with the sexy Latino girls Las Chicas Bomba.  I’d secretly been having lessons with the gorgeous Emily Stansfield, but in all honesty, I wasn’t that good.  There were lots of feathers and sequins and very loud drums which I’m praying distracted from the fact that I completely forgot the routine as soon as I came out.  Oh well, as I’ve worked out now, “If in doubt, shake your butt!”  Which is exactly what I did for most of the dance.

I just felt so proud as I looked around the room and saw all these amazing friends I’ve acquired over the years.  If it’s true that you are a product of the people you surround yourself with, then I’m not half as bad as I thought.  Ha ha

The following day after the party however I started to feel very very flat.  I’d farewelled so many people I love.  Some only back to their homes interstate, and others to their new homes a long way away.  I won’t lie; I sat in bed on Sunday night and sobbed.  I hate saying goodbye. Never been good at it at all.  But I’m realistic too and I guess it’s how people describe once their wedding was over they felt really flat. Such a great lead up, such a great time, and then POOF.  Gone.

But I have memories of a night and a time that I will never forget.  I am eternally grateful that the universe and my angels (real life and up there) put on such a spectacular night for me to cherish.

If you haven’t yet turned 40, let me give you a little tip.  IT’S MORE FABULOUS THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE.  xxx