It is believed that ‘crystals’ all contain their own unique vibration, and therefore their own unique healing qualities.  As with all healings, the aim is to balance you out and rid you of negative energies.

To use a term that relates first hand, the aim of crystal therapy is to find the right crystals, vibrating at the right frequency for you, to get your body and mind running like ‘clockwork.

After all, watches and clocks for hundreds of years have relied on the earth’s crystals, and the vibration in order to function.  So to do some people believe that placing the right crystals over your body (and over what’s known as your ‘chakra’s) during crystal therapy will result in you functioning better, and therefore allowing your body to heal itself emotionally, and physically.

During crystal therapy, your therapist will choose certain crystals based on what he or she feels you need.  Each crystal vibrates at a different frequency.

According to the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre’s Vanessa XXX, says you will “experience the vibrational therapy of crystals accompanied with a guided meditation to realign your subtle bodies, and bring yourself back into rhythm with your life’s natural path.”

If it’s ‘self love’ that is lacking for you, or a need for ‘calm’ in your life, they may choose the Rose Quartz, which is smoky pink in color, and probably the most well known of the crystal family.  It’s said to be good for self-love, and bringing you calm and peace.

One of the other widely used crystals from the extensive family is theAmethyst – known for its lilac/purple appearance. It is said to assist with bringing out your creativity, and assist in your spiritual healing by reducing nightmares, enhances your dream states.  It’s even believed to be good for healing against alcoholism.

Crystal therapy is a subtle, natural assistance to the rest of your spiritual journey and self-healing process.  What can be an easy way to introduce crystals into your life, is simply choose one that has the qualities that you’re looking for, pop it in your pocket when you leave the house, and/or under your pillow at night. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!


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