I’m not exactly sure what age one can no longer be classed as a ‘chick’, but as far as someone describing a new movie as a ‘chick flick’ then I’m presuming that I’m still in the demographic and therefore a potential to see.

But the whole ‘chick flick’ thing always makes me feel, in the words of Jennifer Anniston in relation to ex-hubbie Brad Pitt, maybe I have ‘a sensitivity chip missing’ because so many of them just seem ever so lame!

And when I say that, I should clarify that just because I don’t like seeing women portrayed as slightly pathetic damsels in distress all the time, running around trying to fall in love only to find the bloke of her dreams was right under her nose, nor do I want to see any form of helicopter, guns, cars rolling then blowing up or a flipping walkie talkie in a film.

So praise the lord that Hollywood is finally starting to produce some very funny movies for women that although have a happy ‘fall in love’ moment at the end which of course is great, at least we can have a genuine, self depreciating, relatable laugh along the way.

Bridesmaids for me, and according to Box Office dosh was an absolute hit.  Finally I found myself doing what I normally can’t stand the way men often do, is I was reciting lines from the movie to my friends and than cracking myself up.  Who would have known I could get so much money’s worth out of one flick?

I saw another great ‘chick flick’ today.  A preview for the soon to be released movie called So What’s Your Number? Starring Anna Farris.

I had a slightly embarrassing moment when speaking to the movie PR rep when I said to him after only see a few disjointed bits of the trailer over someone’s shoulder, “Oh this movie is SOOO me.  I think I’m going to relate very well to this one”

I slightly blushed about this innocent comment as I realised what the movie was about is Anna Farris’s character having an issue with the fact that she’d slept with twice the amount of men than America’s ‘supposed’ national average.

So now I’m over thinking the movie rep’s reply when he said “Yes this is perfect for you.”  What has he heard?

Perhaps he’d heard about an email I recently sent to a bunch of my best mates.  The subject title was ‘Can you remember anyone else?’  It was part of putting together a proposal to a company in regards to a show idea I had about love and relationships.

My intention was to present myself as someone that at age 41 had the knowledge and experience of exploring, though this certainly does not mean always through sex, different people and relationships to find what sort of partner fits best.

Let’s face it, we’re all either in love, searching for love, or recovering from a love failure, are we not?.

So I listed some nicknames of people who’d been in my life at some point in time.  The ‘Angry Reiki Guy’, the ‘Sulky Mexican’, the ‘Mummy’s Boy’, the ‘Swedish Juggler’, and the list went on.   A few extras I’d forgotten were offered by my good friends and so the picture was being painted.

Unfortunately for me, or more so my Dad, I realised a few weeks later as the responses trickled in, that I had accidently CCed by father in on the email.

I’m fairly sure any of you fathers out there can probably feel the panic and nasty shock that went through my darling Dad’s head, as he was forced to ponder awkwardly, “Mmmmm, so what is my little girls’ number?”

It was a fairly unfortunate moment that I assured Dad wasn’t at all what it seemed.  But really, what anyone’s number actually is is dependant on time spent single so an ‘average’ is never really relevant.



  1. Subject: relationships

    Message Body:
    Hi Amber,

    Having now retired I have the time to do those things that I promised myself I would do throughout my working life….One is to sit each morning with a cuppa, look out into our beautiful garden and read the contents of The Advertiser (minus the sporting pages) and I do enjoy the editorial section, particularly columns such as yours.

    However Amber, as good as your editorials are, I do have to take you to task. I have the feeling, from the tenor of your articles, that you have a fairly low expectation, and opinion of the institution of marriage, or the strength of a long term relationship. In your writing it appears to be neither the woman, nor the man’s fault, it is the concept in your eyes, and this mornings editorial reinforced that perception for me.

    Now let me preface what I say…..I am not coming from the lofty ground of religion. Can’t remember the last time I went to a church without it involving either a birth, marriage or death, So I don’t intend to wave the bible about.

    Forgive me please if I speak out of line but I feel you are a victim of your circumstance and ancestry. You are continually looking at relationship scenarios (be it yours or others) as though you are about to travel through an intersection on a yellow light! Because of experiences around you, you are conditioned to be cautious as far as relationships go…..more a ‘glass half empty’ person that a glass half full one!

    Me, I am 67 years old, came from a farming background. There was a big age difference between mum and dad when they married…he was 35 and she was 18, but Amber, it worked, death separated them in the end….and the same with their siblings on both sides of the family. There has never been a failed union in our family, so the possibility of ‘what if’ never really came creeping into my mind.

    Although I had heaps of girlfriends throughout my teenage years and my early twenties I met my wife on a blind date….that was in September 1969. A friend of mine organised a party for all the single people he knew. He was like all little men, small in stature but big on personality!

    A dozen or so of us met for an arranged dinner one night and as soon as I saw her, Amber I knew she was the one for me. Although we were not paired together I made a point of being near her all night and by the end of that evening we had a date. Last year we celebrated our fortieth wedding anniversary in Santorini and I bought her a Ruby ring.

    Bloody anniversaries are getting expensive now. I believe the first is paper…..could conceivably get away with a toilet roll, but now, as with the years, the stones are getting more precious, and expensive!

    It has not been smooth sailing for us, she has had MS since 1976, although mercifully it is the slow onset variety and it is only in the last few years that it has really started to bite. There have been many challenges but, neither of us have ever for a second contemplated facing them apart. Throughout my working life I would leave for work each morning before she woke, and never once in all those years did I ever miss giving her a kiss goodbye and thinking how beautiful she looked just lying sleeping there.

    Our close friends are all still together and I guess, they all feel the same way about their partners as I do about mine. So the thought of a break-up is not there. We never looked at problems as being un-resolvable.

    So you see Amber, our conditioning, yours and mine, are different, and I wish I had the wisdom to inform others how to break that cycle.

    Keep up the good work….love reading your words.

    Kindest regards……Rob

  2. Normally Lindsay doesn’t appeal to me in pthoos, but this photo is sexy, classic, and gorgeous. I saw Lindsay with her friends once, out front of a cafe where I used to write in a suburb just outside of Hollywood. She is TINY. She had a pleasant vibe about her. Your site is cool! I hope to get Down Under someday.Your shitfaced tagline is hilarious.

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