She’s played countless fictitious heroines but Angelina Jolie has herself always been the toughest character of them all

When Angelina Jolie isn’t in the news regarding her movie roles, she’s usually making headlines for trying to save the lives of the less fortunate, in so many ways and so many countries that it would require most of this newspaper pages to cover.

She is the type of woman who most women can’t deny they are fascinated by.  What is she like?  Would she steal my husband then save my children from impending danger all in one afternoon?  She is one of the greatest enigmas of the modern age and appears to be just as powerful and heroic as the characters she plays.

It is with a sense of tragic irony that a woman so well known for trying to do her bit to save or improve the lives of so many others, has been secretly faced with the question of how she go about saving her own.

If the pure thought of any woman faced with the decision to have a double mastectomy full stop wasn’t a great enough challenge to get one’s head around, hers as so many other parts of her life have been, has the extra layers of facts to weigh up.

What I mean is as we know although she has been diagnosed as having a rare genetic gene known as BRCA1, which is believed to carry a high risk of causing breast cancer, she does not at this point actually have breast cancer.

Any woman facing the thought of losing their breasts, albeit having a reconstruction, would be a seriously shockingly painful thing to endure.  As women our breasts are one physical element that define us and that make up our feminine selves. And most of us thankfully through good health are able to take them for granted.

So on top of all this, I can’t help but wonder what other factors or beliefs she might have had to grapple with, given, and as a presumption, that someone who has lived such an extraordinary life such as she has, often has heightened spiritual beliefs about the world and the human mind, purely because the one they are living, is on a level that is so surreal compared to most of us.  It’s why so many hugely famous people tend to follow a religion that isn’t mainstream because they themselves don’t live in the mainstream.

They don’t follow unusual religions because they are bored or because they’re trying to be cool and different, they follow them because they yearn for answers to what doesn’t always get answered through the more simple religious doctrines the rest of us tend to follow.

I wonder then in regards to this, how she sifted through both sides of the subject of the power of the mind, which is infused in most spiritual philosophies?  As written and discussed in thousands of best selling books, the power of the mind is believed to be something that can through the right mind training and disciplines, manifest incredible things that we do want in our life.


But the power of the mind can also work in a negative way by the fact that if you have something in your mind that you fear, then it is equally believed in some cases, that that can also manifest itself to come true if it’s on your mind often enough.

Not to diminish scientific facts that show in many cases someone having a high risk of a genetic disease does end up coming true, but many popular spiritual teachers believe this can sometimes also be reversed.

Angelina will be hailed as a hero for her decision to have her preventative double mastectomy because regardless of anything, she has proved she is one in every sense of the word. But I don’t doubt, that for someone as complex as Angelina, her choices would have played even more deeply on her mind than some of us may think.

Either way, once again Angelina has been the catalyst for a subject worthy of complex thoughtful debate all over the world.

347 thoughts on “She’s played countless fictitious heroines but Angelina Jolie has herself always been the toughest character of them all

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