MY PET IS MY BABY SO GET OVER IT!!!!! us versus them…..

It’s fairly safe to say, that I have made one of the biggest rods for my own back when it comes to my beautiful baby boy Marley.

You see I am one of those ‘types’ that treats their dog like a human. Actually like a 2-year-old human, because that’s how old he is, which means he’s technically still a baby, and thus far I treat him accordingly.

The other day, as Marley (my baby) and I arrived at a café that shall remain nameless, we walked past a man that incidentally I have seen many times at the same place. And for the sake of the story, let’s say he ‘doesn’t mind the sound of his own voice’, and is often passionately annoyed about something fresh each day.

So yes, it’s clear, I’ve kind of judged him for being a pain in the bottom before ever having officially met him. And as a karmic little payback, I realised the other day, he has done exactly the same to me. And worse…. to my baby!!!!!!!!!!

As we sashayed past him and his ‘large’ dog the other morning, minding our own business, his dog fired up and growled at my frightened little ‘ball of fluff with the cutest face ever’ which gave us both a shock.

It was your run of the mill, random, unprovoked attack on our serenity, but we regrouped in a flash and humbly smiled and said “it’s ok,” presuming the man might be embarrassed that we’d copped an earful.

Apparently not. In fact, as I would over hear as we propped ourselves down for the first coffee of the day, it was Marley and me who in fact were to blame for the incident.

At the top of his booming voice, he goes on to tell his lucky morning friend that “the problem is, you’ve got these bloody people who treat their dogs as humans instead of pets.”

Excuse me? Who on earth is he to judge me? Even when he’s totally right.?

Well, totally right in context that yes I treat him like he’s human, however my baby can hardly be blamed for any dog bullying mine as we walk past, regardless of whether mine has complete run of my house and basically my life.

And for the record, your honour, I believe this dog was showing clear signs of deranged jealously towards my, ok, slightly pampered pooch.

I realise there’s quite definitely two pet camps out there in the world. Those that have pets and treat them as pets. And those like myself, who have pets and treat them as, well, friends.

When I heard that Jennifer Anniston had lost her ‘baby’ (dog) a few weeks back, my heart broke at the thought. What would I do if anything ever happened to my baby? How on earth would I ever go on? Maybe I’ll bury myself with him under a tree?

My mate Dr Katrina Warren has been down this track the last few years, after her first love Toby (the Wonder Dog) died. Overcoming her grief losing her dog has been devastating because “he was my soul mate” she said.

“What I wouldn’t give for just one more pat, one more game of Kong or to see the sea breeze blow in his magnificent hair.”

So, if the angry man at my coffee shop is reading this, and the penny just dropped, as you remember the inconvenience of my baby and I provoking a snarl from your ‘pet’, please understand that for many of us we choose to treat our ‘pets’ as our best friends, because quite simply, they are.

They are often the first thing that makes us smile in the morning, and never cower away before we’ve put our face on.

They worship the ground they walk beside us on, even if we’re just off to the loo!

And Mr. Cranky Pants, listen here, we’re all entitled to have the sort of relationship we want, if it happens to brings us joy. Surely you can appreciate that?


11 thoughts on “MY PET IS MY BABY SO GET OVER IT!!!!! us versus them…..

  1. We have a staffy called buddy who is 3,he lives inside with this “family” he gets his tea at the same time as we eat our tea,on his birthday he gets a cake and pressies at Christmas he gets gifts like the rest of the family and upto recently he had his own Facebook page with over 1,800 friends… Until he was Dobbed in and it was shut down.
    He is often judged on his breed or confused by some as an aggressive dog but anyone who knows buddy knows he is a lovely dog who cuddles up with our cats and wouldn’t hurt a fly and is a beautiful friend to my disabled son as well as my 3 other childen and neices ,buddy is part of our family and if someone has a problem they are welcome to leave

    • I hear you!!!!!!! People can also be judgmental on the breed of a dog and I think poor staffie’s can get a bad wrap. When really, they’re usually the most loyal, divine little creatures. My maltese shitzu’s got more attitude than most staffies. Why did his facebook get shut down? How odd…..I’m still annoyed about the attitude of that stupid man, and I just can’t bear to see people scream or grab their pets by the neck – you know in that “You’ve gotta give them tough love or they won’t respect you…” Yeah yeah….I think some people just get off on being the big tough boss with their poor pets. And as for those people that just leave their pets all day and practically all weekend alone………..that just makes me so sad. Say hi to Buddy from Marley and I. I love the name Buddy for a staffie too. So cute.xx

  2. My pet is my baby. I have always been a “cat person” and become more-so recently. I have not been without a cat since I was 2 years old. My cat is 15 and her name is Tallulah – a short haired torty. Tallulah has never been a lovey dovey cat. She marches to a different drum. Very intelligent. Beautiful. The Golden Eyed Goddess. Tallulah is well known in the street and goes for short walks to the butcher and when I’m posting a letter. Lately she’s become much more snuggly and actually sits on my lap and sleeps on my bed – when I’m not in it. Three years ago she learned to purr, but she has always been treated like a human. Before Christmas, my other companion animal Bella, died suddenly. No warning – just at the front door and I found her still warm. I was inconsolable and held her while I wailed. Bella had been my baby. I had spent 13 years with her. She was a snuggly girl who loved contact and we were very rarely apart on the couch. There were text messages to the next door neighbors when on holiday to check Tallulah and Bella were alright. Cats knew when something was wrong. It is such a loss. You do grieve and I still go to say “where’s Bella”? As Tallulah isn’t a contact cat, I have volunteered at the Animal Welfare League as a cat cuddler to help socialise and calm the cats in the Shelter. Those cats are beautiful. I don’t know their backgrounds. We’re not told. So every Friday afternoon, I spend 2 wonderful hours with furry ones who want love. Who need love and are very affectionate. It has helped me. Pets are your babies if you don’t have a human one.
    So, Amber I agree with everything you’ve said.

    • Oh Mel, that must have been seriously, seriously horrendous for you finding little Bella. I can only imagine how inconsolable you must have been, and no doubt at all that it probably still really really hurts. But that is just so beautiful of you being a cat cuddler. I had no idea that people actually did that or that there was the need but it makes so much sense now. good on you!!!!!! You’re like a cat angel! I’m so glad Tallulah has become more affectionate because you must have been missing that from Bella so much. So tell me, is the theory right about ‘cat’ women, that they apparently really like acqua marine rings? ha ha.

  3. I agree with you Amber,my little miniature Jack Russell is my little man/baby.
    He never judges me is always up for a cuddle and chat,yes we chat constantly!
    I trust him more than I trust most people,his loyalty has no ends,I would hate to think of a day without my Oscar,to me he’s the bees knees!
    He’s 2 so he’s like a teenager,nicks off with my hair bands,socks or whatever he can get his tiny mouth around,I love it!
    It’s an honour that he allows me to pat,care and love him as part of our family,I don’t care what anyone thinks.
    That bloke at the cafe sounds like a narcissistic,loud mouth P*#*k,pity his poor dog.

    • Oh my god, YES he was a narcissist!!!!!! I knew there was something awful and disconnected about him. I should have recognised it as I’ve dated a few narcissists. ha ha And yes, his POOR POOR doggie……..x hi to Oscar

  4. Hi again Amber,I gave Buddy some love from you and your baby,Buddys Facebook was shut down under the breach that “he does not represent a real person” but I could have it re-activated if I send his drivers license with his photo and name and address…ummm dog registration papers not excepted?
    There is a bording kennels up here where your pooch stays in a hotel like room with a bed lounge and tv but if I go away Buddy’s has his Nanna(my mum) come sleep over at his house 🙂
    I am dead against any animal cruelty and I see anyone miss treating their pets I will say something and will call the RSPCA and this passion has been passed onto my children and my son actually jumped out of my car recently when we saw a young girl dragging a cat with a skipping rope tied around it’s neck…lucky I was only going slow,he untied the cat and gave the girl a lecture about animal cruelty and he is 12!

    • But there’s thousands of pets on facebook so how can that be right? Good grief, so people can set up a site for the most vile things….rating women’s photos, laughing about people that have died and goodness knows what else, yet they find the time to shut down a pet’s site? Wow that’s totally silly. And I REALLY can’t believe that girl with the cat…… That is disgraceful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tell you, as long as we’re careful as to not end up getting thumped, but phones with cameras are great for taking video’s and photos in regards to capturing people doing the wrong thing. It can be a good way to frighten and shame people who need to learn what they’re doing will not be tolerated. Poor bloody cat. Did the girl react to your son? How old was she?

  5. Many of you would have seen ABC’s “Four Corners” on Monday night showing the horrific conditions inside Indonesian abattoirs. If you missed the programme, it’s unlikely you’ve missed the extensive media coverage that has followed, as people nationwide call for a ban on live-animal exports. I pray Amber Petty writes about it in her column!!!!

  6. I have emailed oprah winfrey in the hope that it will expose the cruel Australian Live Export Trade. Please Amber would you consider writing and article about it? It begs belief how people can be so utterly evil to animals.

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