My new podcast with Erin Wallis, ON FOR YOUNG & OLD….episode one.

I really love the whole world of podcasting. I love the freedom it gives you to go and seek out the sort of content you want to hear. The sort of people that truly interest you. I rarely listen to radio much these days because I’m busy listening to my favourite podcasters. It made me think about starting a podcast myself to talk about the sorts of things that I wish other people might like to consider. I’ve also been a big believer in the the world we live in today, should not be a world of ‘us and them’, depending on your age. I understand being 45 that I grew up without the technology I have around me today. I didn’t even grow up with a mobile phone, which I know to some of my younger friends, like my co-host of this podcast, seems kind of crazy and odd. We used to actually dial a number and speak to the other person in order to still stay in touch. We used our voices, not just one finger to communicate. I know that the young girls and guys who I work with don’t really recall much about the time when social media wasn’t a part of their every day. I want to learn from them when I hear there’s something new and exciting emerging in the digital space, but I also want to learn just as much about the world that existed before I was around, or at least a small kid. I want those that came before me to tell me what to look out for as I head into a different ‘tick box’ in life. And I don’t want these wise older souls to feel that they are obscelete in a world that seems at times like it is leaving them behind. I think we all have something to learn from each other no matter what age, who we are, or what we’re doing with our lives. So this is where I hope this podcast and future episodes will take both me, my younger, incredibly smart friend Erin, and maybe even you? Thanks for listening. x

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