Rebecca there has been alot of talk over the last couple of years about the mystery behind the world changing in 2012.  Hollywood has made a blockbuster that depicted it as being THE END – what’s the truth?

Truth is, there’s LOTS of different names for what’s happening on earth right now — and what some people argue has already been happening for up to 100 years! You might have heard terms like the Age of Aquarius, Fifth Dimension, New Age or Mayan calendar, all of which refer to the fact the earth is ascending spiritually. I believe the first changes took place in the 1950s, after the bombs dropped at the end of WWII literally ‘ended’ the old world. Shortly after, the Flower Children emerged and broke down/recreated societal structures in the 60s, followed by the emergence of spiritual awareness pioneers like Shirley MacLaine, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra and David Suzuki in the 70s, 80s and 90s… not to mention all the Indigo children being born! In the past 15-20 years, reality as we know it has been completely altered by the Information Revolution (Internet / telecommunications), the Wellness Revolution (natural therapies), the Eco Movement (greenies) and mainstream spirituality (Oprah Winfrey!). And so, we reach the edge of the cliff: are we ready to jump off together, as a global village, a collective consciousness, into the new unknown? That’s what “2012” means: the 21st century is promising to look very, very different, because the majority of the human race (like the ‘100th monkey syndrome’) has reached tipping point and is opening up to what is called ‘unity consciousness’.

There are alot of natural disasters happening around the world, and sadly close to home with Queensland and Christchurch – is Mother Nature angry with us, and does it all tie into 2012?

The extreme worldwide weather patterns (cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and snowstorms) are hard to ignore — for a reason. Humans have been “shaking up” old ways and belief systems, and the earth is physically mirroring back to us these accelerated emotional/spiritual/energetic changes. I like to think of it as a cleansing — old gunk coming up to the surface to be healed — kind of like teenage acne! Once the majority of our issues have been acknowledged, processed and spewed out, we’ll transcend into a beautiful swan or butterfly.

Babies that are being born now, I’ve heard are somehow more spiritually intune than babies say born 20 years ago – is this true, and what does that mean?

Again, there’s a number of names given to the ‘old souls’ arriving on earth right now to be part of this exciting time: Indigo Children, Transitional Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, Star Children, Sapphire Children, Children of the Sun… personally, I like to refer to them as Generations Y, Z and Alpha. There’s a reason that Generation Y kids drive employees, teachers and parents mad — they’re the product of the brand new world that’s been unfolding for the past 20 years, so they do, see, think and act radically differently. This is important for breaking up old conventions and paving the way for Generations Z and A to storm in and literally take off! I also believe the high increase in childhood allergies (nuts, eggs etc) is a symptom of the fact these ‘new frequency children’ are highly sensitive and yes… very naturally intuitive, gifted and stubborn! They’ll need to be, to complete the work that lies ahead.

So the world is not going to end in 2012, phew – so going into 2012 from here on in – what should we be aware of, or perhaps how can we open ourselves to notice the subtle & postive change in the world?

A comet won’t hit the earth, we won’t undergo World War III, aliens won’t appear (just yet), and the poles will not shift. These are all excellent physical metaphors, however, for just how enormous the coming energetic changes will be. Imagine dropping someone from medieval, or even Victorian, England into New York RIGHT NOW — apart from the sci-fi technology, the entire way the population interacts, thinks, talks, dresses and responds is a quantum leap ahead. Well, I’m predicting a similar quantum leap — but this time, in as little as 30-50 years. The old values (soulless multinational corporations, greed, materialism, unethical relations, environmental degradation, obesity and iatrogenesis, shallow entertainment, corrupt governments) will be replaced by higher values (artisan crafts, entrepreneurs, organic gardening, wholistic thinking, Fair Trade, eco-consciousness, wellbeing, holistic health, spiritual media, people power). How can YOU get there? Simply by continuing to work on your own emotional issues as they arise, and engaging in free thinking, self responsibility and personal empowerment. In other words… switch off the darn television and think for yourself!!!

Your final thought?

Back to the 2012 hoopla: it’s fairly under-reported that the only thing the Mayan calendar actually says will happen on December 21 next year is that we’ll “witness the display of Bolon Yokte Ku in his full costume and regalia”. So really… it just sounds like an extra-special cosmic Mardi Gras party, don’t you think?  🙂


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