One thought on “Lee Harris explains the 2012 severe exhaustion some of us have been feeling lately

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    Julie Korver I’m in the same boat most recently Amber. I think it’s hayfever mostly for me.
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    David Nieuwenhoven My Partner dropped caffeine, dairy and grog and after 3 days of pain and detoxing she has more energy than ever before. I used to push her out of bed at 8.30am with 3 cups of tea, now she is awake and ready to go at 5.30am:)
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    May Ruth Interesting, love his message. And here I though it was just me being jetlagged. Thanks Amber xo
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    May Ruth thought!!
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    Brett Hill Maybe you just need an adjustment Amber? 🙂
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    Bec Norton Hi Amber Petty, Lee has just put everything into perspective, I now understand why I have made certain decisions over the past couple of weeks. Being a professional counsellor I need to give myself meditation time, but it’s been more often lately because of the increase of people needing my help xx
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    Amber Petty Bec I love that you got it too. I actually know a few people that have been having a weirdly exhausting time lately, and it’s all the same sort of stuff that Lee kind of explains. But you’re either the sort of person that’s into it, or won’t resonate with it at all. YAY for us.x
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