Is it time to celebrate Camilla and Charles? Could it be said their love is one to admire?

You’ve got to hand it to Prince Charles and Camilla; they’ve more than done the hard yards when it comes to sticking together.  While he might have been put through the ringer by his family initially, she got the same only from the whole world.

Last week in the UK it was reported that Camilla was fairly unpopular in Australia so the royal couple were planning a ‘charm offensive’.  Not nice stuff for Camilla to read while munching on her toast and tea first thing in the morning.

I can’t believe that people still hold animosity here for Camilla as is being implied.   I’m pretty sure she’s been through enough and let’s be honest, she’s kind of earnt her royal stripes hasn’t she?

We all fell in love with Diana back in those early days and she fell in love with Prince Charles.  Could anyone blame her for mentioning that she had his picture on her wall long before she even met him?  But could it be said she was in love with the Prince rather than the person?

Although it’s easy to have little empathy for Charles being born into such enormous wealth, it is hardly a luxury to constantly wonder if someone really cares about you or is swept up in the myth.  How would you ever know when someone is seeing the real you, falling in love with the actual parts of you as opposed to the parts that seem excitingly surreal?

I can’t help but admire this couple this far down the track because they’ve gone through such an enormous amounts of testing of their love.  Especially Camilla as she’s been verbally battered as a woman for so many years and still seems to have a smile on her face.

As harsh as Charles have looked in those days he was married to Diana, not many people had empathy for him in regards to the pressure he would have had by his family to marry the right type of girl. I’m sure it was always very clear that marriage was not about him, it was about how she was to fit into their picture of elitism.

Perhaps the ruthlessness in which Charles behaved as Diana’s husband, may have also been fuelled by the fact he also sensed he was not being truly loved by his wife for all the reasons that he should be?  As a person and not a Prince?  If this were you would you not become a bit hardened by the process?

As for the enduring Camilla, she wasn’t just ripped to pieces because she was the ‘other woman’ and presumed to care little for the woman’s life she was destroying by being his mistress, she was also essentially told she was grossly unattractive which not only shouldn’t be relevant but it’s just a rotten thing to say about anybody.

Most people who fell in love with someone and then had to cop the barrage of abuse that Camilla has had to go through would have packed up their bags and got the hell out of the relationship minutes after arriving.  I certainly would have.

If you consider that Charles’s first marriage breakdown was much like squillions of others in the world, where two people just were not meant to be together in the end, people got hurt and reputations got damaged but that doesn’t always mean that one or both of them are bad people.

What would have been the use of Charles and Camilla not eventually getting together anyway while Diana was still alive?  They would have been preventing her from making herself available to be able to find her own true love.  Regardless of the tragedy of Diana’s death, maybe Charles and Camilla freed her up to at least enjoy a short time with a man she really did love.

Sometimes life just isn’t black and white.   If two people weather the storm as much as Charles and Camilla have, then they’re actually what I consider a proper fairytale.


4 thoughts on “Is it time to celebrate Camilla and Charles? Could it be said their love is one to admire?

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  2. I’ve just come back from Germany and found that people had more opiionn about it there than in the UK. How does that work? And when they asked me what I thought and I just shrugged they seemed so surprised.

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