Late last week a Melbourne man claiming to be a spiritual healer trained was jailed for three years after being found guilty of eight counts of indecent assault on his clients. Sadly this kind of story gives a bad name to the many wonderful, and gifted spiritual healers and alterative therapists out there who’s work is changing the lives of so many for the better all around the world!

So how do we protect ourselves from the charlatans and keep faith in the real deal?  As with most things, recommendations from people that you trust, and you respect is one step, but not the only!  Researching their business and their qualitfictions is another, after all, you are putting your life in someone else’s hands, so making sure your desperation for answers or getting rid of pain, doesn’t override common sense. As with any trade there’ll always be people that prey on the vulnerable!  You wouldn’t give over your life savings without fully checking out who you’re giving it to so the same should be said for your emotional investments.

I came across a bad egg a couple of years back.  He was a medium who a friend mentioned after being impressed by one of his group readings.  He was able to tell a specific person in the audience that her loved one who had passed over wanted to thank her for putting the whiskey in his coffin, which she had done!  There were other things said at this session that showed that this guy seemed to genuinely have some sort of gift.  Once again, as with everything, even those with a ‘gift’ doesn’t  mean they always use it for good! Even people with gifts, have agenda’s, ego’s, insecurities, and greed!

My first reading I offered him very little to see how he would go.  He mentioned all sorts of things that could be labeled as ‘googled’ but then others he could not have known. I would later find out that when doing readings for high profile clients who he claimed to know nothing about, that it was likely he had googled them after he slipped up and mentioned to a friend something he had read online about one.

He told me his sad tale of having to leave Canada because he got involved with a bad group of local people who became so reliant on him that when he supposedly started to back away, they turned on him and ran him out of the country!  He also mentioned ‘spirit’ had told him a blonde lady working in the media would help his career! I since found out he told two other blondes who ended up helping him and getting burnt, exactly the same thing!

One girl I know lent him money because apparently someone had ripped him off, and had him stay at her house, learnt the hard way, when she mentioned she had had a reading from another medium who he himself went to see.  Note mediums apparently can’t do readings on themselves.  He turned so much that he sent her a ‘text message’ saying that all the things he had told her about making lots of money in her desired field of work, were never true and that spirit had told him along time ago that she would amount to nothing!  Not only that, but he has apparently been telling mutual aquantinces that he’s popped a nasty curse on, get this, the group of bad people that became so reliant on him that he had to move away.  Sound familiar?

There are wonderful spiritual people out there in the world that may be the key to the guidance or healing you need, but as with everyone you meet, especially when you’re vulnerable, caution, research and intuition needs to be applied, and just because you find one bad egg, doesn’t mean the rest are all bad so keep searching for the one that feels right!



  1. Sorry Amber, but why someone would put their lives in the hands of any psychic is beyond me. With all respect to you and others, I believe it’s the work of the devil. I’m pretty sure we’re not meant to know what our future holds. I mean no disrespect to anyone.

    • Hi Ali – you know what in some ways I think you are right. And that’s what I totally mean about the ’’shonky ones’ which are the blatant liars and the ones that are connected to some sort of other force but because they’re not strong spiritual people they are communicating with low entities that are the same as the devil. I do believe there are good people out there doing this work, just giving some guidance or hints to get people on the right path…or hopeful again, but again, you can’t rely on external forces to run your life, but now and again with the RIGHT people I think it’s ok. But a shonky one is really dangerous to vulnerable types

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