I’ve never had children although one day, not too far away, I may, but for now, I’m sans child, and have so far, not had to make those decisions that the rest of the mum world has..

I know that with anything, until you are in a situation, it’s not always fair or realistic to make statement of how you’d feel or what you’d do, until the situation is actually in your life.

One such situation that I’ve often thought about, and I’ll admit, ‘felt’ I’m as close to knowing the answer as I believe I could be until I’m there, is the decision of whether or not I would want my partner to be viewing our babies birth from the ‘action end’.

To me, I find it hard to believe that I would ever dream of wanting him to be ‘down there’, although perhaps that is a terribly insecure, and unfair decision to make on behalf of us both?  However I ‘think’ I’d just rather him hold my hand while I scream all sorts of obscenities at him while I deal with the pain.  Better that than do it at some poor under paid nurse!

Or is it also just the fact that I’m a bit on the squeamish side when it comes to bodily fluids, and body parts doing weird things that down fall under the banner of sexy?

For instance my friend came around last night and offered to show me her scar from a recent gall bladder removal, and I politely, at least I hope that’s how it came across, said “actually babe, I’d rather you didn’t.  I’m not good with things like that!”

And then yet another moment recently that made me feel once again, thankful I’m not married, my friend says to me “You wouldn’t bloody believe what %$^$ did to me the other day?”

I can’t imagine, I said, given the last time she said that he’d just served up a double expresso to their 6 year old.

She then tells me that he’s sent her off with a film to get processed which he admitted he wasn’t quite sure what it had on it.  So then off she totters like the dutiful wife, only to pick the photos up, and realize that they are from the day she gave birth to their youngest son.

Ok, we all hate photos without our make up I thought?  No, during the pushing, and screaming that is required to give birth the old school natural way, buggerlugs (aka hubbie) – was down ‘the other end’ taking ‘happy snaps’…..

Not only was that not quite on the ‘agreed agenda’ for the day, but she then has to get an eyeful of not only is not something she’ll be framing and putting on the mantleplace, but the look on the processing guy’s face, is forever etched in her head.  God knows what’s etched in his…..