What are you Manifesting? This compelling work created by Sarah Prout and Sean Patrick Simpson, shares 30 inspirational stories that actively demonstrate the art of manifesting success and spirituality. Written by individuals from all walks of life and transcending all possible limitations, it shares wisdom, insight and teachings of how to achieve your greatest desires. Whether through the journey of rags to riches, sadness to joy, discovering purpose or manifesting love, this book has been designed for you to find resonance within every chapter.

Featuring authors from The Secret (Dr. Fred Alan Wolf and Dr. Joe Vitale), bestselling authors Brian Tracy and Dr. Marilyn Joyce and many more, these heart warming manifestation stories will act as guidance for your own journey.

If you want to learn how to manifest … If you want the best of self help and the law of attraction teachings that go beyond your every day positive thinking and motivational stories, then Adventures in Manifesting is the series for you. Soon you ll discover why people all over the world are comparing the inspiration they find from Adventures in Manifesting to the likes of bestselling books by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul and the Success Principles), Rhonda Byrne (The Power and The Secret) and the all time famous classic Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The journeys shared within Adventures in Manifesting are from both the masters as well as people just like you who have applied and practiced age old success principles and manifesting secrets.

Through real-life examples of how to create a life you love, this book will inspire you to turn your dreams to reality filled with success and spirituality.

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