One of the most horrendous holidays I’ve ever had in my life, was on an island in Thailand that was, according to the brochures, ‘ideal for honeymooners’ and ‘away from the hustle and bustle’of the larger islands. ‘  That’s what they said anyway.

Not being quite the type to consult the Lonely Planet guide as other more intrepid travellers would do, to find out more details of my destination prior to my departure, this was one of the many times that I got burnt by the sun seeker brochure ‘big time’.

It was over a decade ago now and after living away from home for many years, and falling madly in love, I was then on route back home to introduce the family to my new partner Justin.

Both of us were a little nervous about what lay ahead and although no doubt my boyfriend was apprehensive about meeting the potential in-laws, I was probably more so, as I know what they’re like.  Let’s just say reserved is not a word that appears on any of our birth certificates.

I decided in order to dilute the intensity of my family welcoming committee, that we have a little diversion to Thailand, to lie on the beach, and calmly get excited about our Australian future.

Well, all I’ll say is apparently not. Again, what the brochure didn’t point out, was that our delightful little island hideaway, was host to one of those revolting Full Moon Parties.

I say revolting because the thought of wearing hessian pants, sweating like a pig, chewing my face off thanks to whatever drugs, and waving around a glow stick till 3pm the following day, just strangely has never been my thing.

Nor was it ever ‘my thing to want to go somewhere supposedly romantic, my first island holiday with the love of my then life, and instead of gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes under a mosquito every night, was kept awake till 6am while our beach hut went up and down like a yo-yo.

And not for the ‘if the van’s a rockin’, don’t come knockin’ sort of way’, I might add.

More recently however, I found myself researching the effects of a Full Moon on people, and realising that it doesn’t always take lack of sleep or glow sticks to arouse strange behaviour when we’re in the throes of one.

Our last Full Moon was less than a week ago, and as I looked up into the sky, I wondered this time, if others out there knew that they might be about to turn into a lunatic?  Should I in fact, be better off to stay indoors in case I succumb to its effects?

For instance, did you know that the term Lunatic is derived from the word Lunar (Moon)?

Here’s the scientific reason why some people seriously lose the plot around a Full Moon although most don’t realise the two are related.

Hormonal reactions to increased positive ions in the air (Full Moon Effect) cause hyperactivity, depression, violent behavior, road rage, higher occurrences of migraines and asthma.  Even bees are known to sting without provocation on higher positive ion ratios.

Why am I pointing this out? Read between the lines, this could be your get out of jail free card for acting like an emotional nut.

Hey, in some Middle Eastern countries, Judges are even more lenient on criminals if the crime was committed during increased positive ion wind conditions.

It was certainly a welcome titbit for a friend that has dropped her bundle in the last couple of days.  Burst a blood vessel in the eye and everything through an unexplained and ferocious bout of tears.

The next Full Moon is due around the 14th August.  To test the theory, or perhaps just in case, I have written the word LUNATIC in my diary. If nothing it will remind me not to rent out The Notebook that week.


  1. Positive ions, Amber? Sounds like something out of an alternative medicine practicioners handbook.
    Actually it’s well known that it’s all down to women going a bit nuts for a few days every month – hence the term “lunacy”. This also explains the incidence of male road rage. I saw this written down somewhere, so it must be true.

    • Ian I’d like to think as a woman I am allowed two accuses for turning into a lunatic each month. Although the 3rd and 4th are harder to explain

  2. Negative ion generators have been available for a long time with touted benefits for a multitude of conditions. The manufacturers { now there’s an unbiased source for a recommendation } offer numerous personal endorsements.As far as full moon and it’s effects on people, I’ve worked in emergency departments on and off for years ….. I’m convinced there’s something to this, especially if it’s a Friday night { although that’s easily explained }.

    • I’ve heard people say that about working in hospitals. Also….excuse me if this is too much info, but throw women menstruating on a full moon and look out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Amber. Not too much information …… I’ve been ” in the field” far too long. Upping the ante of potential factors contributing to mass madness { and now it’s me hoping that this is not info overload}, it’s been proven that when large numbers of women stay in close proximity to each other, their cycles become more in sync with each other .I mention this as a precursor to this little gem; years ago many, if not most nurses used to live in the hospitals where they worked. This basically led to not just women having their hormonal nightmares, but literally hundreds at the same time. I sometimes think about those days ….. usually leaves me with the desire to have a nice settling glass of wine!
    Best wishes,
    Dave Lee
    Ps – I miss your columns in the Advertiser.

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