The Wise Guides podcast has launched!


Hello friends,

I am truly so excited to be launching this podcast – it has honestly been a dream for so many years.  Long before I even knew the podcast format existed.  I have loved recording this with Nova FM and I am eternally grateful to them for supporting me and believing in me.  Special thanks to Andy Milne (Executive Producer) and Matt Argoon (the best audio engineer in the world) – I really cannot thank you enough.  While I’m making this Oscars style speech I’d also like to thank my wickedly wise women who said yes to being a guest on this show – Bozoma Saint John, Georgia Clark, Jane Donovan, Kristen Ross, Kat John, Naha Armady, Elizabeth Peru, Rhonda Findling, Lucy Cavendish and Sacha Stewart.  You’re everything I wanted you to be in a woman – and more!  Hahaha, heaven.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, and please share it with your friends if you do.

Lots of love Amber xx