People love discussing their dreams, and finding out the interpretations of what they all supposedly mean.

I agree, it’s fascinating, because they can affect us in deep ways and like going to see a movie, we love to know why?  What did that mean?  What should I have learnt?

I went to see an amazing intuitive one day, and she said to me “you are very psychic, more than you know, but your psychic messages come to you in dreams, but often you don’t get it.”

She was right.  I’ve always had vivid dreams, and at times I feel like I’ve woken up after seeing the movie Inception.  Totally confused, with a vivid image in my head, and absolutely no bloody idea what it meant.

But it was interesting and of course timing is never by chance.  The day before I went to see her, I had woken from a dream where I realized that the person I was seeing at the time was not the right person for me.

I’m not sure why for the first time it clicked, but I dreamt of a relationship long ago, and felt very sad that it had ended.  I knew instinctively that it wasn’t him who I was yearning for, but it reminded me of the intense, beautiful love we once had.

And I woke up thinking “Ok I get it, I’m settling.” Which I was.

Her confirmation however was something that gave me the inspiration to think harder about the dreams I had from that point on.

What I’m saying to you is, yes there’s dream interpretations, perhaps a tidal wave coming towards you, to use one that I have had many times before, being apparently about feeling overwhelmed by what’s going on in your life, and yes that makes sense enormously to what was relevant then.

But I think we all probably have dreams, and psychic intuition that we have yet to work out.

Another example of me working out what the message is in my dreams is I was going through a time where I was feeling very anxious about being judged.

Very anxious that the people that were putting out there negative thoughts about me, had the power to destroy me.

I went to a spiritual counselor and healer and I discussed what was going on.  As usual her insight was wonderful and I came away feeling once again more powerful.

And then two nights later, I had one of those dreams where you wake up and you are so terrified that you try to jolt yourself awake so you don’t go back into the danger zone.

In the dream I was in an old house.  My healer was there, and looking after me, but I could see, or I should say ‘feel’ that there were many frightening things in the room.  All out to get me.

In the dream I interpreted them as ghosts.  I was trying to work out how to navigate around and out of the room without walking through them.

My healer said to me “It’s ok, you’ll be alright, they can’t hurt you.”

And at that moment, I felt one of these ghosts come over my body, and in a situation where for a split second, I felt she was wrong…. and I was right….. started to try and speak, but felt that the ‘ghost’ was sucking the life out of me.

I gasped for air and whispered, “It’s got me, I can’t breath……”

And then in my mind, that was apparently asleep, I had an ‘aha’ moment where I thought “No, these aren’t ghosts, they’re just bad, negative energies.  And they can’t kill me.  They don’t have a knife, and it’s only me that allows them to kill me, or suck the life out of me.”

I think I woke at that time.  And it was only a couple of days later, as I was driving along, that it came to me.

I thought to myself, “I’ve got it.  I’ve got the message of that dream.  There are evil, or negative energies out there.  And they’re people, because we’re all just energy.  And although I have to move around them, near them, they can only harm me, if I believe that they can.  Light always wins over dark.  The illusion that they have power is all in my head.”

I believe that most of us are psychic. How much you think about what’s going on in your head is up to you.  How much time you allow yourself to be in your own head, is up to you.

Be wise about what you fill your alone time with.  Is a magazine as important as say a bath, and your own dialogue in your head?

The greatest myth is that talking to yourself makes you insane.  NOT talking to yourself is what will send you there.


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