When I first bought my lovely, once-upon-a-time,  fresh white Apple laptop computer, I will admit I couldn’t help but feel like I had arrived!

Arrived where?  I’m really not sure, but thanks to the very slick Apple brand my life suddenly felt like it was looking up. All because of a computer. Crazy huh?

Even crazier to think that by the time I had turned the thing on, I in the eyes of Apple and it’s followers knew that actually I was already somewhat obselete.   Yesterday’s news, as they say.

So that was the first Apple seed of discontent that began to grow in me.

And then just recently, as I was about to go postal with my Apple issues, Apple’s creative guru Steve Jobs passed away, so it didn’t seem right.  Out of respect I put my views on ice.

However the way I see it, in Apple new product launch timings, unleashing now, is relatively speaking, a wide enough gap of time and therefore here I go.

Now, call me precious but I was kind of under the impression that companies selling me a product or brand, were supposed to win me over by ensuring me that what they were selling me was the best of what the company possibly knew how to produce at the time of going to market?

Whether it’s a car, an air-conditioner, or even a fridge, I would like to think that as a rule and out of respect for my hard earned customer dollar,  that the product on sale will be the best I can get for a at least a year or two.  Is that too much to ask?

This whole Apple brainwashing scam of ‘love us because we’re just coming up with so many amazing technical 21st century break-throughs’, so therefore please just buy up every new product we have without once being peaved that the one you just bought is no longer where it’s at.

And then they roll out this phenomenally genius Marketing & PR campaign globally to celebrate the latest, say iphone 4, 5 or wherever we’re at, that promises to finally gives the impression it will be the greatest thing you’ve ever owned and have all the things you lacked in the last one.

Only problem being,  that it won’t be.

There will be something they’re sitting on. Something they’re not willing to share yet, cause they need to suck your dollar back in, quickly.

Something they’re ready to dangle and torment you with five minutes later that makes the increasingly obsessed Jones’s, jotting in release dates in their diaries,  desperate to get the new model because it happens to have that one thing that, (excuse me for being a pain in the bum), SHOULD HAVE HAD IN THE PREVIOUS ONE.

Don’t tell me that they didn’t know how to put a good camera in the first iphone released!  Of course they did.  If they can build a flipping iphone or computer, they can work out a decent camera.

Now I don’t think it’s too much to at least ask dear Apple to put a screen on the iphone that doesn’t smash.  Given if we all went really quiet for a moment, I’m pretty sure we’d hear little screens smashing all over the world, because they just do.  Or at least the swearing that goes after it.

So, in a revolt that will have a lot less impact than say the Occupy Wall Street rallies have had, I am making a stance to stick with my iphone 3, even if they come out with one that has an APP that will style my hair for free.

Not only that, but I will not be getting my smashed screen fixed.  I want it to be the sort of advertisement of an Apple product that is the reality.  Not sexy, just smashed.

I am happy to be the solo Anti-Christ to the Apple marketing empire.  And I will cop a shard of glass in my cheek to prove my point.



  1. That was awesome Amber, the imagery you just provided made me lol

    I think you put forward a fair point though…. They won’t give us the best possible product because there’s more money in it for them that way .

    • Glad you enjoyed it Rachel. I would write a longer response but it’s hard to type through the cracks on my iPhone as I’m currently doing. I will not give up the fight. Although something tells me it may be me who is losing ….

  2. I agree with you regards to the lifecycle of Apple products, however that is just the way technology rolls, things are changing more and more and at a faster pace now than ever before. Also, there is a cost issue, even though they may have the perfect iPhone ready now, in reality they still have to negotiate with manufacturers to buy raw materials for the right price, set in place production guidelines, get support networks in place, intellectual property and legals and then the sales and marketing planning… You get the idea, the whole process is probably way more complicated than this. So it’s not quite as simple as just having a product. You probably could have the perfect iPhone right now that meets all of your needs but really would you pay the price? The average consumer wants great products that are easy to use and cutting edge but only if it is priced reasonably.

    • Thank you for another interesting and fair angle no doubt. Although and not to dismiss your comments but imagine how wonderful it must be to have the sort of bargaining power Apple does by way of potential order qtys? And imagine the celebration for a manufacturer after Apple comes knocking at their door? Thanks Adrien! X

  3. I completely agree with you! When I have a 6 year old asking me for an ipad for christmas because the ad on tv told her it would help her learn, something is wrong! But then I get “dont worry mum, if it costs too much I’ll have an iphone 4”. I have a nokia phone… It’s not touch screen but hey, I can send/receive messages, get phone calls and take photos!

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