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Let’s talk about something fun: ENORMOUS amounts of money. Have you ever played that game where you ask yourself, “OK, if I won this week’s $15 million lotto draw, what would I do with it?” Of course you have. As far as I’m concerned, there are only two real answers to this question. The first answer goes, “I’d buy a new house and cars for all my family members, get a gardener, chef, cleaner, Lear jet, buy an island, send my kids to private schools and never work again.” The second answer goes, “I’d give almost the entire amount to people, animals or environments in need.” The difference between these two answers is how spiritually evolved you are.

A fascinating real-life example we can use here is Bill Gates versus Steve Jobs. Bill Gates’ business objective was to manufacture millions of cheap computers in order to earn millions of dollars. He built a colossal sprawling mansion, and gives his money away to highly Westernised priorities: vaccines, drugs and Big Pharma. Steve Jobs, by contrast, didn’t have a ‘business objective’ — his Zen-inspired values were interchangeable between his personal life (he lived in a regular suburban house with almost no decor, no security guards etc) and his professional life (he asked for a salary of $1 a year as CEO of Apple to prove that his focus was passion and creativity). Bill Gates is someone who, yes, changed the world as we know it, but doesn’t model higher spiritual integrity to me. Steve Jobs, who was apparently tyrannical because he expected nothing less than genius performance, ironically stayed true to his Zen, vegan, hippy roots through every decade of his life (he named his company ‘Apple’ because he used to pick apples at a Californian commune). Two companies, two fortunes, two different approaches. Which one do you instinctively resonate with more warmly: Microsoft or Apple?

Two other high profile news stories also recently grabbed my eye regarding ridiculous amounts of money: firstly, the fact that the richest woman in the world is Australian (Gina Rinehart, who makes $1 million every half hour). How does she achieve this? By mining and destroying the earth. She’s overweight, she’s a brutish businesswoman, her own children have launched a lawsuit against her, and I can’t seem to find any evidence that she’s sharing her tens of billions of dollars in any philanthropic way… even though a fortune like that could feed and support poor people all over the world. By contrast, British actor/comedian Russell Brand was recently offered $20 million of his ex-wife Katy Perry’s$44 million wealth… and declined. He didn’t even give interviews about it — he just withdrew quietly and respectively. WOW. (Especially in Tinsel Town!) 

Back to my original question: What would you with millions of dollars? Do we really need more stuff? What would be the wisest way to spend money charitably so that the benefits compound and are the most beneficial, for many years to come? For a really beautiful spiritual take on this topic, check out David Wolfe explaining “Why I am not a millionaire.”
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