I tell you what, I recently met Trevor Hendy at the gorgeous RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast.  I just cannot rave about this man enough.  He has started a wonderful online transformational couse via his website www.trevorhendy.com – it’s called Boot Camp For The Soul.  I’ve met a lot of successful people who have lead and still leading extroadinary lives, but this guy, is just the real deal.  Not only does he care so much about people, but he has lived and breathed the experience of taking a long hard look at himself, at the height of his career as a World Champion, and realised he was missing a big point to life.  This self awareness has lead him to this journey of spirituality, and the online course he’s created so we can all be lead along with his wisdom, which is really all our own wisdom.  I hope you enjoy our chat.  In all the little paths and twists that it takes.  Thank you Trev, you’re a real champion soul.  xx


I have a new blogging venture which I’m very excited to share with you….

Hello friends,

Just a note to say that I will be spending my time on another blog which is purely designed around all the the things I really love doing.  Eating and trying gorgeous new restaurants, travelling to exciting new places, exploring my spiritual side, celebrating my friend Vanessa and all friendships, and partying like it’s 1999.  Or 2014, or 1984 or any year really…I’d love you to join our network at www.eatprayparty.com which we are going to develop into a community of like minded women, who love travelling and exploring and doing it with their best friends.  So if you want to receive our fortnightly newletter containing our videos, photos and reviews of lots of great stuff locally, around Australia and all other parts of the world, except the places that don’t honour women and don’t sell champagne, sign up for our newsletter and please share our posts with your friends.  We so love that!  Thank you for stopping by and for all your ongoing support and emails.  You can now email me on eatprayparty@gmail.com    Lots of love and enduring POSITIVE friendships, Amber xx





In the first moments of day before our mind is fully awake can be a wonderful time for meditation. The Daily Om www.dailyom.com


April 22, 2014
Before the World Wakes
Morning Meditation

by Madisyn Taylor

In the first moments of day before our mind is fully awake can be a wonderful time for meditation.

Just before the coming of the pale rays of dawn, Mother Nature exists in a state of flux. Earth’s energy is stable, free of the disordered vibrations that are a by-product of humanity’s comings and goings. In these first moments of day, when the sun’s golden light is only just peeking over the horizon, our animal mind remains in the land of slumber though we ourselves are awake. Deep sleep has washed away the impurities of existence that accumulated within us, so our mental, physical, and emotional potential is heightened. To meditate in this peaceful yet energetically charged in-between time is to connect with the divine in an extremely intimate fashion. We discover a new kinship with the universal life force during morning meditations because our awareness becomes a mirror for earthly consciousness—we wake as the world wakes, quietly embracing the joy of being and setting the tone for a serene, fulfilling day.

In the first glorious glow of morning, the light, air, and energy flowing around us speak in hushed tones of the activity to come. While we recognize that another day of being means becoming once again immersed in the challenges of action and reaction, we also understand that we can draw upon the unique energetic qualities of daybreak for comfort, creativity, and vigor. There is bliss in the simple knowledge that we have been given the gift of another day of existence. We are inspired by sights and sounds of the sun’s gentle ascension. Birds serenade the luminosity, which grows richer by the minute. And though we may feel a residual lethargy, our vitality returns as our meditation helps us to become one with the stirring of other beings rubbing the sleep from their eyes. At the start of each day, our destiny has not yet been written, and so there is nothing we cannot do.

How we choose to meditate is less important than our choice to attune ourselves to the spirit of wakefulness that travels round the world each and every day. Even the briefest moment of quiet contemplation in the muted light of the sun can put all that is yet to come into perspective. As a consequence of our daybreak reflections, our lives are imbued with the same stability, tranquility, and increased awareness that humanity has long associated with the stillness of early morning


I’d rather be accused of giving a snub than being massive snob. Ten points to Jay Weatherill for voting #1 for family

How delightfully refreshing it is to hear that Premier Jay Weatherill has not dismantled his family holiday purely because a royal couple has decided to visit South Australia?

Presumably, he and wife Melissa Bailey had planned their overseas trip around school holidays, as would any other couple with their own family trips, and then in comes the exciting news that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have locked in dates for an Aussie trip including a visit to South Australia.

And if Jay’s half the man I hope he might be, he’s probably received that news, by swinging back in his leather armed desk chair, face screwing up like a kid eating a brussel sprout and then spat out a quick four letter word that you won’t find in his next pubic speech.

Maybe he’s then called the wife to share the dilemma, hypothetically discussed the option of pulling the pin on the European trip and breaking the news to daughters Luci and Alice, and then…come to the conclusion that they can’t do that.  One of those moments in the career of a highly successful person where the decision becomes about a couple of things, your job, your ego and being a good mother or father.

Of course Liberal leader Steven Marshall has been quick to comment “Does Mr Weatherill think his absence amounts to a warm welcome and an appropriate way of welcoming the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Adelaide? This royal snub is a royal embarrassment to South Australia.”  Want to drop the word royal one more time Stevey?

The way I see it, it’s not just Jay that would have been mildly traumatised with the royal carrot being dangled all over their travel itinerary, spare a thought for poor Melissa, I mean, what wife of, is not going to be gagging to be part of the events that include a couple of well-loved royals plus an adorable, chubby cheeked future king in a pair of lederhosen’s?

Show me also a political wife that wouldn’t enjoy a bit of swanning around with the inner sanctum, dolled up for the world’s stage,  getting to know two of the most famous people in the world, and getting to show off  the home that they love?  And she gets to wear a hatA hat and it’s not even the races.

The mere thought of this type of gig could result in the entirety of Burnside to collectively combust, and poor Melissa is having to turn it down.

But then I guess though there’s always next year when Kate,   Wills and George will of course be back for their annual week on the beach at Normie?   Oh wait, no they won’t.  Jay and Melissa…queue the sombre music, will never be part of a royal tour again.

Steven Marshall’s harsh dig at the Premier reeks of something that goes hand in hand with a royal tour, successful, wealthy people turning into hard core sycophants. The total obsession with being part of something that has a social stature to it that compares to none other and everyone wants a piece of it.

I also agree with the spokesperson for the Premier who reminded Mr Marshall that the royals would not be coming here “for the purpose of meeting the Premier”.

No, with all due respect, they’re unlikely to know one thing, let alone the name of anyone in state politics in Australia.  Sure they’ll have advisors briefing them morning and night, but as for sitting around the Palace, with a map of Australia spread out on the royal rug, with William’s index finger ploughing down hard over South Australia, proclaiming royally “we must go there to see that lovely chap Jay Weatherill when we’re down under!”  I think not.

I think any man that puts his children and wife first when he’s made a commitment to them shows a great deal of character, and anyone that throws around the word snub is probably just a bit of a snob.