Ladies, it’s that time of the year again…time to book your annual pap smear test!

A few years ago I shot a video to help raise awareness for Pap Awareness Week, an initiative of the South Australian governement, for SA Health.  SA Health are committed to protecting and improving the lives of South Australians, and I think they do a really good job of being innovative, brave and thoughtful.  When they contacted me this week to remind me that it was Pap Awareness Week again, they also shared that our video campaign launched about three years ago, there has been evidence of an increase in awareness for the important of getting a regular pap smear.  An increase such as:

The state-wide number of Pap smears per working day during the campaign period saw a 3% increase in 2014, compared with 2013 figures. In addition, there was an 8.23% increase from pre-campaign to during the campaign in regional areas.

·         There were nearly 800 Pap smears per working day in week four of the campaign period, which is the highest number recorded across all three Pap Awareness Week campaigns (Don’t Just Sit There!, One Test, and It’s Pap Time!). This indicates that women are engaging with the material early in the campaign and then booking their Pap test shortly thereafter.

·         We also saw a substantial 9.3% increase in women who had their first ever Pap test.

Please share this video with your girlfriends, regardless of where you might be living.  Thanks, love Amber x

A magical meditation morning with Kat John, at the Bunurong Marine National Park

I just had the most wonderful weekend staying at the RACV Inverloch resort with a group of gorgeous individuals – Olivia Crema from Off with Your Clothes Blog, Jeremy from, Matt Tully from, Ella & Andie at, Thom Wilton at and Nick & Clare from

We all dragged our little butts out of bed in the vague hope we’d see the sun wake up…which alas was not to be. However just being down the beach at this time was such a calming and inspiring experience. So too was our thoughtful meditation as hosted by the incredibly wonderful Intuitive Mentor, Kat John. Here she takes us through who she is, what she is and everything in between:

And then she took us through the process of her begins with meditation and how she practices today:

Kat John, Kade Greenland and I discuss what is ‘INTUITION’ and what is a ‘GUT FEELING’? How you can apply this to personal & business decisions

Kat John is a beautiful woman, and an incredibly wise Intuitive Healer based in Melbourne.  You can check her out more via her website at   Here is our interview with her on a day that my intuition tells me, might not have been a great hair day.  But that’s enough about me….  Please share if you enjoy x

Video filmed & edited by Kade Greenland at Band Of Creatures